Dr. Marissa Palmer is one of the first of 25 practitioners that are able to provide functional movement taping (FMT) for horses and their owners/riders. Dr. Palmer is a certified FMT RockTape Equine Practitioner.

FMT Equine addresses functional kinesiology taping methods to reduce or control pain, manage swelling or edema, increase joint range of motion, improve muscle function; and maintain a level of functionality and comfort for the horse and rider throughout the rehabilitation and conditioning process. 

Taping applications help to maintain functionality and comfort in training and assist with recovery  as a means to facilitate overall soundness in the equine athlete. FMT Equine taping techniques utilize “longitudinal anatomy”, or a “movement patterns” concept as a means of connecting the brain to the body’s fascia in order to enhance rehab and athletic performance via cutaneous (skin), and hair follicle stimulation.